Web and Mobile Development

Your business or organization is looking to engage broad audiences by providing an online service or experience? Then you need solid Web and Mobile development, and we can help you.

Website, Responsive, Native Apps, Progressive Web Apps, you might have heard these terms before and we know it can be confusing, so let’s try to break them down in simple terms. What is best for you? Well, as many things in life it depends 😊, so read on!

Website and Responsive Design

A good website is an essential piece for any business that wants to “exist” online, it should be engaging, have good performance and display well in desktop computers, but it should do specially well in mobile phones, given according to modern statistics, most people browsing the Internet nowadays do it from their phones!

Responsive design means building a website with a single codebase that “adapts” to display well and be functional in a variety of devices and Internet browsers a visitor might be using, from mobile phones, to tablets and desktop computers. Take as an example this very Website, you are currently navigating its Desktop version, but you could also open it in your mobile phone and see how it “responds”.

Scan and open this website on your phone

Web Applications (Web Apps)

A Web Application (or Web App) is a program that is stored on a remote server, delivered over the Internet, and that all it needs to run is a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

The range of technologies available nowadays make it possible to build very interesting web applications with advanced functionality by combining frontend libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and server-side technologies like NodeJS, Python, Java, Ruby, .Net, PHP, etc., or Serverless like Amazon AWS API Gateway and Lambda.

Web Applications can be designed and built for internal use within your company or for world, sky is the limit!

Progressive Web Apps

A very special type of web application is a Progressive Web App, which use advanced web platform features in combination with progressive enhancement to give users an experience close to Mobile Apps.

Progressive Web Apps are a good compromise for businesses or organizations not yet ready to commit to the more specialized development of Mobile Apps (below), and/or where it is not necessary to leverage the most advanced native capabilities of modern phones.

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Mobile Apps (or Native Mobile Apps)

For companies or organizations that need the best experience on mobile phones and where a simpler Progressive Web App might fall short, Mobile Apps are built to take full advantage of the device’s native and more complex capabilities like audio recording, accelerometer, GPS, local file storage, face ID (iOS), etc.

There are two main platforms Mobile Apps can be built for: iOS (Apple devices like iPhones, etc.), and  Android, and in less demand we also have Windows Phone; historically, maintaining applications for the two front-runners simultaneously has been costly, but in modern times such complexity and cost has reduced with the appearance of tools and frameworks like React Native.

Do you need Web or Mobile development? We can help!