about us


We are a diverse collective of software professionals, boasting decades of combined experience across multiple development specialties, countries, cultures, and time zones.

Our network of trusted professionals has been cultivated through years of shared experiences, spanning various jobs, countries, and challenges. Despite some of us pursuing independent paths, we continue to support one another and relish the opportunity to collaborate on exciting projects.

Individuals Have Limits, Teams Do Not

The flexibility of our model enables us to swiftly assemble tailored teams that align with the needs and budget of our clients, without burdening you with the complexities of coordinating and paying multiple freelancers. We manage the intricacies, providing a single invoice at the end of each month.

Our strong bonds and mutual trust make us an efficient and effective team, committed to delivering exceptional results!



My name is Jorge Pablos, your main point of contact and partner at LabinHood. I am a Mexican-American professional with nearly 20 years of experience in software development.

Born in the USA and raised in Mexico, I have immersed myself in various cultures throughout my life, residing in locations such as Hermosillo and Aguascalientes in Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona in the USA, London in the United Kingdom, and most recently, Lisbon, Portugal. Each of these places has contributed to my personal journey and holds a special place in my heart.

Over the years, I have honed a unique blend of soft and hard skills across diverse technology roles. This background enables me to effectively communicate, comprehend context across business and technical domains, and design and coordinate the overall execution of an initiative, while collaborating with partner domain experts when necessary.


Think of me as a Success Manager with a technical edge, deeply involved in the project. My role revolves around understanding needs, connecting dots, building bridges, and personally executing the crucial aspects where everything converges to ensure our goals are met with the quality you expect.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
AWS Certified Developer Associate
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate