Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The most successful businesses are those that can leverage data to make sound decisions and get ahead of the competition. Data analytics is precisely that, the science of analysing raw data to draw conclusions from it, to create Business Intelligence.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are no different from other types of software development journeys, in the sense that to be successful, the effort should start with a clear understanding of the problem or challenge we are trying to solve, the more specific the better.

Before thinking about what software or data we need, we should define what problem or challenge we are trying to solve

Differences Between Data Analytics and BI

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are “hot” terms in the market nowadays, many times used interchangeably, but although closely related, they are not the same thing. Although more complex than that, we could say Data Analytics is the first part of the journey, taking raw data and converting it into something useful we could draw conclusions from.

Business Intelligence on the other hand, is the broader set of technologies and strategies to enhance business decision-making, it encompasses Data Analytics and its types (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive) and things like reporting, dashboard development, text mining, complex event processing, and many others.

Our Team and Fit for Purpose Solutioning

At times it is hard to choose the right path with so much information out there, our team of experienced data professionals can provide not only the hands-on technical execution, but also guidance in the beginning and all along your Data Analytics and BI journey, to ensure our concrete objectives are met.

We want the best for you as if it was for us, therefore we try to leverage managed Cloud services like Amazon AWS Analytics offerings as much as possible, which can allow us to deliver robust solutions and speed up delivery: Data lakes and warehouse with S3, Lake Formation, Redshift, and other related services like Glue, Kinesis, EMR, Quick sight, etc. Click here for a full list of Amazon AWS Analytics offerings.

If need be, our team has also expertise with other cloud providers, tools, and leaders in the big data space, like: Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, to name a few; we are flexible and dynamic, because the ultimate goal is to make a solution that is fit for you and your needs.

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